Our philosophy

Smart ideas for your creations

To keep and rediscover traditional accomplishments, to recognize new trends and to prepare the way for innovative ideas by means of our own designs – this philosophy, together with extraordinary dedication, uncompromising quality as well as our expert advice, we have further enhanced since 2016 under a new leadership. Our customers know that they can find exactly the thing they need, from functional to exclusive models, that gives their creations a special touch. Among them, there are renowned designers as well as passionate hobby tailors, textile manufacturers, makers of uniforms or alteration shops. We love our products and are sure that you can find in our product range the kind of stimuli that bring you a crucial step forward.


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Qualitätskontrolle der hochwertigen Knöpfe


Made in Europe

With every Hartmann product, quality can be seen and felt. To that end, our products are produced exclusively in Germany and Europe. This is for reasons of the quality in the fabrication process, but also because of the high environmental standards in Europe already in production plus shorter transport routes and fair manufacturer prices.

Traditionsknöpfe aus jahrzehntelanger Zusammenarbeit


In the best sense

For more than 60 years, Hartmann has been known among its customers for its reliability as well as its high range buttons, clasps and accessories, yet no less for trends in fashion and extravagant productions have we been a sought after and innovative partner in this trade for decades. We are pleased if you decide to plan and work on the basis of our line. And it is a pleasure for us to be able to offer you the latest and most interesting developments.

Digitale Knopf-Innovationen bei Hartmann Knöpfe


Prepare the way for new ideas

It is our goal to make especially exclusive buttons and accessories on top of the classic models and at advantageous prices. Whatever you may be processing – precious cloth or standard cloth, felt, leather, linen or loden: you can be sure to find the smart and suitable buttons and accessories with us!


Manufacturing according to highest standards

Highly specialized craftsmanship as well as love for details and for the materials in process characterizes our manufacturing. Our products, therefore, are made in Germany and European countries mainly by well chosen small and medium size producers. High standards and close cooperation during the production process are important to us.

Arbeitsprozess in der Knopfmanufaktur bei Hartmann Knöpfe