Everything that makes noble things even nobler

We are passionate for buttons

Buttons made of metals are our passion. Beyond that, we offer you a wide range of plastic buttons and buttons from natural materials like wood, horn or mother of pearl.

Clasps for a special look

Discover, here, the great variety of clasps and straps! They come in a great variety of materials and workmanship as well as a variety of closure types.

Corselet hooks, a special tradition

As part of a traditional costume, the corselet, here, underlines the woman’s silhouette and especially the woman’s décolleté. Nice hooks on the corselet in silver or antique brass have been a beautiful stopper
on the dirndl corselet since the Renaissance time.

Brooches in a distinctive design

Today, brooches have become treasured pieces of jewellery again. Whether in trendy fashion or elegant: here, you are sure to find the eye catchers that give every piece of clothing its special character.

Chain clasps grant optical highlights

Clasps are an important element of traditional chains. Our chain clasps of different types upvalue traditional chains additionally and are real eye catchers.

Further accessories

Extravagant accessories underline the uniqueness of every piece of clothing. Please make your choice, here, from our unsurpassed models.